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13 | 12 | 2011

In October I had the chance of traveling to the beautiful american south to shoot the wedding of a fantastic couple: Meg and Adam. I met these guys last year in a wedding I was shooting in DC and when they called me for their wedding pics I was so thrilled to see them again,

Meg took care of planning the entire thing and specially, the decoration, the color palette was based on the beach (the wedding took place at Seabrook Island, where Meg’s parents live). I particularly loved the flowers, we don’t have ranunculas and peonies in the tropic and they were all over the place keeping the pretty suculents company. Another nice detail was the cake toppers, they were actually Meg’s grandparents’ in their wedding 60 years ago!!!

The ceremony took place in an amazing setting facing the ocean at 4:00 pm, with the bridal party looking amazing in their matching lavender dresses and ties.

After the ceremony I took off with the bride and groom and the bridal party to shoot the around the island. We took about an hour shooting the couple’s pix and thanks to the gorgeous location, the beautiful american light, the loving energy and how cute Adam and Meg looked, the result was stunning!

Thank you, Meg and Adam, for sharing your day with me!

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