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14 | 04 | 2018

A couple of days ago we had our first Indian wedding. It was an overwhelming and fantastic experience that left us craving for more. More colorful dresses, more shiny embroidery, more millenary traditions, more of that joyful music, more of everything.

It was a 3 event thing held in Cartagena in which Ana and Ajay shared our country and a lot of beautiful Indina traditions with their family and friends from all around the world.

Day 1 came with a party in which the “jaago” tradition was celebrated. “Jaago” means “wake up” and it simbolizes a time in which wedding invitations were not sent to the guests. Instead family members of the bride and groom would walk around making noise with pots and pans and lighted candles asking everybody to wake up and join the celebrations.

On day 2 the wedding ceremony took place and we can’t even begin to choose our favorite part, so many beautiful traditions and details, it’s impossible!

The garments both the bride and groom were wearing were stunning with their intricate hand made embroidery patterns. The groom’s “sehra” (the beaded veil) was a show stopper for a lot of people walking down the street as he rode on his white horse during his “baraat”. Baraat is a procession in which the guests all dance around the groom as he makes his way to the wedding venue, it is extremely loud, extremely cheerful and extremely fantastic.

The actual ceremony is filled with simbolism representing offerings to fire (represents purity) and the union of the 2 families.

After that we stole the couple for some shots around the city. Needless to say we had a visual beauty overload: the colors, the textures, the streets of Cartagena and these two were almost too much to handle.

Event number 3 was their traditional wedding celebration: white dress, italian suit and lots of love. Speeches, great food, great music, and a special appearance by Lucas Arnau, Ajay’s favorite Colombian singer that Ana invited as a surprise to her new husband.

We finished shooting at 1 am exhausted after shooting for 16 hours straight but so happy and thankful to Ana and Ajay for choosing us and making us a part of their celebration of love. Thank you will never be enough!

  1. Ana milena
    15 | 04 | 2018 |

    Que historia tan hermosa!!!! Las fotos son divinas y como dicen los colores, la ropa y los novios hace. Que toda la historia sea mágica!

  2. Maria clara ichoa
    16 | 04 | 2018 |

    Vale que espectacular!!! Que trabajo tan impecable… que delicia haberse disfrutado tooodo ese matriiiii

  3. Isabel Villegas
    22 | 04 | 2018 |

    Que Matrimonio taaaan hermoso. Me gusto que ella haya estado vestida de blanco y rojo para celebrar con la familia del novio. Haber estado en la terraza del baluarte tiene todo el ambiente Colombiano.. demasiado lindo este matrimonio y capataron todo. FELICITACIONES

  4. 22 | 04 | 2018 |

    Gracias! que rico que te gustaron!

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