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26 | 12 | 2011
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Camilo and Soledad got married on December 17th, 2011 at 4:00 pm. The reception was held at El Castillo Museum.
Sole went to her mother’s house to get ready, she did her own makeup and filled the bouquet and her hair with beautiful fake butterflies. Luisa, Sole’s cousin arrived from Paris bearing gifts for the bride: a bottle of champaign for the nerves and a cute negligé for the honeymoon!

The ceremony was conducted by priest Juan Fernando Posada, Sole’s uncle. The church was decorated with roses and Cami and Sole were very happy!

When we got to El Castillo, the afternoon was beautiful so we immediately started shooting their couple pix around the gorgeous gardens, I was so excited to shoot with the cypress pine trees which I love!

The reception hall was beautifully decorated, the center pieces were small fake trees with white birds perched on them, and candles in little jars hanging from the branches. After the delicious Arabian inspired dinner, the music started and everybody danced! I stayed until the “Hora Loca” was over and then went home to rest.

Congratulations Sole and Cami, thanks for sharing your day with me! : D

  1. Adriana
    11 | 01 | 2012 |

    Les deseo toda la felicidad del mundo y bueno esa boda fue como de un suenos de hadas y asi va a ser la vida de ustedes …llena de felicidad y muy bella.

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