Caro & Andrés

10 | 07 | 2017
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When a friend gets married you want everything to be perfect, you want to be with her when she’s getting ready, you want the weather and the light to be amazing for her pictures, you want the ceremony to be moving and unique, and you want to drink a lot of tequila to celebrate that 2 persons that you love are going to spend their life together.

I’ve known Caro since we were 12, and Andrés for the last 3 years when he came into our lives through Caro to make them much better. I was so happy to be their photographer alongside my fantastic business partner Vero, who did an awesome job. Everything was great! people were having fun, skies were blue, and the bride and groom were as happy as can be.

We had an amazing time and the pictures turned out so great that I couldn’t help sharing them immediately.

  1. Maria Cecilia
    11 | 07 | 2017 |

    Vale, como siempre increíbles las fotos!! Solo te digo que se me aguaron los ojos, la descripción que hiciste y las fotos brutales.

  2. Caro y Mostro
    11 | 07 | 2017 |

    Vale y Vero, las admirabamos mucho, pero ahora más q nunca….
    El amor, la dedicación y la emoción q le ponen a cada shoot es único!
    Cada q vemos una foto decimos q nos queremos volver a casar!!!
    Podemos ver el sentimiento en cada una de ellas.

    Gracias por hacer cada momento de ese día inolvidable!!!
    Las queremos!

  3. Diana Arango
    14 | 07 | 2017 |

    Vale, tu trabajo como siempre impecable! No hay una foto que no grite AMOR! Divinos los novios!

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