Lucien was born in Lima, Perú, on October, 2011. His parent’s names are Juan and Carolina. Lucien likes the hand knitted clothes his mother gets for him, the gifts from his numerous fans, and looking straight at the camera with his gorgeous blue eyes.

C + S

26 | 12 | 2011
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Camilo and Soledad got married on December 17th, 2011 at 4:00 pm. The reception was held at El Castillo Museum. Sole went to her mother’s house to get ready, she did her own makeup and filled the bouquet and her hair with beautiful fake butterflies. Luisa, Sole’s cousin arrived from Paris bearing gifts for the […]


13 | 12 | 2011
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In October I had the chance of traveling to the beautiful american south to shoot the wedding of a fantastic couple: Meg and Adam. I met these guys last year in a wedding I was shooting in DC and when they called me for their wedding pics I was so thrilled to see them again, […]

A + P

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Alejo and Paula got married on December 2nd, 2011, the catholic ceremony was held at Santa María de los Ángeles church and the reception at Celebraciones Castropol. Paula’s dress was made by the gals at Logreira who got to her house just in time after sorting all sorts of traffic jams and obstacles to get […]

JP + J…Amour!

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Juan Pablo and Jacklin got married on November 12 at 3:00 pm at Iglesia del Tablazo. The bride designed her gown and which was a two piece made of a very short dress and a gorgeous removable ostrich feather train. The bouquette was also made by Jacklin, she was inspired by Marie Antoinette so the […]


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Samuel was born in December 2010. His parents’ names are Michelle and Pablo. Samuel likes to play with noisy toys and wearing funky hats.


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Teo was born on September 2011 in Barcelona. His parents’ names are Andrea and Diego. Teo likes to twist his hands in a very special way that kind of looks like his about to give a political speech.