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27 | 01 | 2015
Buy Xanax Ebay
03 | 01 | 2015

A lot of good things happen when a friend decides to get married to a wonderful man, but it’s even more great when she decides to say yes in the gorgeous beaches of Tulum, Mexico and gives all of her friends the excuse to travel to this tropical paradise. Caro and I studied together in […]

Can You Buy Alprazolam In India
03 | 09 | 2014

I love it when couples get married at night but still take time the day after the wedding for their daylight pictures, no rush, plenty of time and the chance of choosing a stunning location!

Buying Xanax Online Safe
06 | 08 | 2014

Testimonios Love & Light 2014 from Valeria Duque on Vimeo. https://vimeo.com/102688507

Xanax Purchase
24 | 07 | 2014

Meg and Josh got married a couple of years ago in one of my most favorite weddings of al times at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs, California. So not only are they clients, they are friends! The “always have something to talk about-really love to see and hang out with” kind of friends. So […]

Buy Xanax From Usa
26 | 06 | 2014

A couple of months ago I held the first Love & Light Workshop, a 3 day experience for wedding photographers in which I shared everything that I have learned in over 300 weddings. In those amazing 3 days I learned a lot, made new friends, shared lots of smiles and sunny afternoons and, of course, […]

Xanax Online Fast Delivery
16 | 03 | 2014

Alicia and Ben are interior designers from USA, they live in Singapore and have been living in the Asia Pacific region for some years. Alicia came to Cartagena a while a go for a hotel project she was working on and fell in love with the city: it’s old patina walls and the dreamy, dusty, […]

Xanax Online Visa
26 | 02 | 2014

Beach weddings are definitely in top 5 and they’re even better when they are held in places I’ve never been to before, so when Caro called me to shoot her wedding in Múcura Island I was jumping up and down with joy! I got to the island on Friday and did some location scouting around […]