El Camino Travel Nicaragua July 2015

24 | 08 | 2015
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About a month ago I had the opportunity to be a part of an amazing project: El Camino Travel, a travel company founded by two amazing ladies: Katalina Mayorga  and Marianna Jamadi that offers exquisitely curated trips to “off the beaten path” destinations. But there’s more: each group of travelers is joined by their very own personal photographer to document the trip so they can relax and enjoy while there memories are documented by a professional (in this case: yours truly). And there’s still more:  Percentage of the profits of each trip will go to a local social entrepreneur who is radically changing the face of their country.
So as you can see, it’s a unique travel company that invites people to “be a traveler, not a tourist”. And I was invited (and honnored by the invitation) to be the photographer for their last trip to Nicaragua.

The first few days we stayed at Playa Maderas, a surfer’s paradise near the small village of San Juan del Sur, where among howler monkeys and pitaya flowers travelers took surfing lessons, sailed on a catamaran to a private beach, went fishing and took a capoeira class. The last few days we stayed at the beautiful colonial city of Granada where we visited markets, ate our fill of delicious food and yummy juices, visited Isleta Espino in the middle of Lake Nicaragua and saw the most beautiful orangest sunset ever, visited a cigar factory and a hammock factory with a very special take on inclusive job opportunities for less privileged people and wrapped it all up with a day at Laguna de Apoyo, a lake in what used to be a volcano crater.

Amazing places, people and photo opportunities aside, this trip was an amazing experience for me. It’s not easy to photograph people on vacation without being obtrusive and a pain in the …. you know….but that was the challenge and I accepted it and tried to pull it off the best way I could.
Also, the ladies at El Camino have a very distinct and beautiful photographic language that is what their travelers look for and also their visual trademark,a trademark that, in my eternal search for desaturated colors and etereal lights, I would never had thought to be mine if it hadn’t been for the wonderful help of Marianna Jamadi who helped me look at the colors, textures and tropical light that I’m so used to, through her gifted  and wondering eyes. So, forcing myself to step out of what I normally do was not easy but really really great!

I guess I can say it was an uncomfortable trip….In the best sense of the word, in the sense that it forced me, in a fun and fantastic way, to step out of my comfort zone, to rediscover the beauty of my beloved tropic (it’s amazing how things I see everyday looked so exotic when I put myself in the place of the travelers and tried to see them with their “foreign” eyes) and discover a  whole new photographic me that loved every single minute of it and for this I will be forever grateful.

  1. Juan Gregorio Rodriguez Garcia
    27 | 08 | 2015 |

    Valeria, gracias por compartir tu hermosa experiencia,y regalarnos esas tomas espectaculares.Personas como tu son las que hacen hermoso este nuestro pais nuevamente GRACIAS,feliz dia

  2. 28 | 08 | 2015 |

    Muchas gracias Juan Gregorio! tienen un hermoso país ustedes : )

  3. Maria Cecilia
    27 | 08 | 2015 |

    Vale, que espectáculo de fotos!!!! Definitivamente tu trabajo es impecable, eres la mejor!!! Que tal pues que estuvieras en tu zona de confort jejejeje!!! Un abrazo

  4. 28 | 08 | 2015 |

    Gracias Maria C! que linda tomarte el tiempo de leer y sobre todo de comentar! abrazotes!

  5. Sarita
    28 | 08 | 2015 |

    V!!!!! esto está espectacular!
    Tienes un ojo mágico… que lindo que hayas entrado en este proyecto. Amo leerte hablando de reenamorarse de nuestro trópico…. ver con otros ojos… somos tan tan tan ricos, y se nos pasa por la costumbre del entorno. AMO ver tus imágenes de nuestra linda Latinoamérica. Morí de ganas de ir a Nicaragua con estas imágenes 🙂

  6. 28 | 08 | 2015 |

    Mi Rita de los amores que rico oír estas palabras viniendo de ti! a ver si nos vamos algún día a viajar juntas por nuestra linda Latinoamérica y tu protagonizas unas fotos de estas! Besos!

  7. Sebastian G Cardone
    31 | 08 | 2015 |

    Increíbles Valeria, Congrats

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