G + V…Their way


Gonzalo and Victoria got married on January 21st, at 4:00 pm, at La Casa del Lago in Sopó, Colombia.
Vicky wanted to have their couple’s pix taken before the ceremony, so she got to the hacienda early and got ready really quick so we could take advantage of the natural light and the beautiful gardens. Her sister and her mom were keeping her company.
She wanted everything to be pink: the ribbon on her dress, the shoes, the flowers…. her bouquette was made in pastel colors with orchids and those gorgeous flowers that look like tiny fireworks which I absolutely love!!

While we waited for Gonza, she was looking out the window in a circular room, and the light coming in through the windows was so amazing!!! I could hardly believe the fantastic pix that I got from that moment!!! : D

Once Gonza was ready, they had their first look in the house’s wide corridor!! it was really exciting and they were very happy.
I love when couples take their time to shoot their pictures, we were able to shoot in several different parts of the hacienda, and we even had time for a little sunlight while Vicky fixed Gonza’s tie. They are a beautiful couple, and so happy!! and they were specially excited about the pictures so they were really up for anything I wanted to do, and that, combined with the amazing light in Sopó, is a fail proof formula for lovely pix!!!

After almost an hour of picture taking, the guests were arriving and it was time for the ceremony.
Since Vicky didn’t know any girls for the flower girls, she asked her cousins to be her bridesmaids, they had matching dresses in pink and purple.
The ceremony was catholic and very beautiful, Gonza and Vicky were really happy!!! as they were walking out of the church, everybody threw rose petals and paper confetti, it looked great in the pictures!

The venue was beautifuly decorated with pastel colors: roses, hydrangeas and orchids were the flowers selected for the center pieces, and the table markers had little humming birds printed on them.
But my favorites were the pink cupcakes, they looked like something Marie Antoinette would have loved!!

The reception started with speeches, I particulary loved Gonza’s mother’s because she handed everyone a copy of the lyrics of the song “My Way” by Frank Sinatra, and asked everybody to sing along as the DJ played it. I thought it was very wise to mention how once you get married you are meant to be together and share a lot of stuff but you’re still you.

During the party, Vicky and Gonza had fun in the photobboth taking pictures with their guests, they even howled at the moon!!!


Kuddos Vicky and Gonza!! thanks for putting so much energy into the pictures and making my job so easy!! : D


  1. 24 | 01 | 2012 |

    Un estilo muy marcado! Linda cobertura

  2. v
    24 | 01 | 2012 |

    Gracias! ellos eran una linda pareja!

  3. 26 | 01 | 2012 |

    Aww super las fotos muy bien hechas, tienes mucho talento.

    Mi hermanito es muy bonito

  4. 26 | 01 | 2012 |

    Gracias Alejandra!
    Que bueno que te gustaron!!!

  5. sonia verswyvel
    29 | 01 | 2012 |


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