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11 | 09 | 2012

Michael and Angélica got married on september 1st in Cartagena, Colombia. Angélica got ready at Casa Conde de Pestagua, a beautiful ancient colonnial house near Santo Domingo Square, she was joined by her mom, her cousin, Michael’s sister in law and Michael’s mom.
After she was ready we went downstairs to meet Michael and we took a photographic stroll around the old town of Cartagena so we could shoot the couple’s pix in the daylight. Despite the fact that it was 100 degrees out, we all enjoyed very much walking around the colorfull streets of Cartagena and using the amazing walls of the colonnial houses and the great wall texture for the pix.

We got back to Casa Conde de Pestagua all sweaty to cool off for about half an hour before the ceremony in thedelicious AC, and once everybody was freshened up and ready, the bride and groom signed the Ketubah, a jewish marriage contract filled with beautiful meanings regardind the union of a couple. These couple in particular was very special because she is a christian and he is a jew but this fact wasn’t an obstacle when it came to joining their lives together and they decided to have a mixed ceremony with a christian pastor and a jewish cantor. There was a moment when the jewish cantor told them to lok intensely into each other’s arms, and told them that in the future when they were mad at each other or overwhelmed by the routine, they should remember that day, and the look on the other’s eyes….It was a really powerful moment, I obviously cried my eyes out as I tend to do when I witness beautiful wedding ceremonies.
After the ceremony and some delicious dinner, the party started and it included a visit from the traditional colombian carnival, all the foreign guests were thrilled! I particularly enjoyed Michael’s Guy Fawkes mask! : D

Michael and Angélica: I feel so lucky to have been there and sharing these day with you and your families! lots of love, and always remember the look in your eyes when you looked at each other…my favorite moment of the day by far! HUGS!!!

  1. Maria Luisa Prieto Sanchez
    13 | 09 | 2012 |

    Valeria, bellisimas las fotos, Bendigo a Dios por el don y la creatividad que ha puesto en tí.

  2. 13 | 09 | 2012 |

    Muchas gracias!!!! la felicidad y el amor de los novios ayudan mucho a que las fotos sean hermosas! : D

  3. Mannee Aguilar
    13 | 09 | 2012 |

    Angelica & Michael: Llena el corazon ver tanta felicidad y amor entre ustedes! Muchas bendiciones! ( Angelica que bella estas! Tqm)

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