M + J…The ginger bride and the Wayfarer wearing Doctor

12 | 05 | 2012
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Meg and Josh are two great friends I had the chance to meet in Kata Mayorga’s wedding in Cartagena a couple of years ago when I worked with efeunodos. They are the kind of couple that you instantly love, also because they are each amazing people, we talked about books, about fashion, about their life in New York, about their dog Brooklyn and we even got to a point where Josh (who is a P.T Doctor) taught me some great exercises for my carpal tunnel syndrome!

After a lot of emailing, gift exchanging via regular mail, and some ocasional meal we had when I was in NY, we became good friends, so when Josh finally popped the question they contacted me and Juan Felpe Rubio from efeunodos and asked us to team up again and pack our sandals for their fantastic California wedding! and obviously, we said YES!
The venue was the super hip ACE Hotel in Palm Springs, and old Howard Johson that still has all it’s vintage charm, with lots of cool features and decorations. Meg works in PR for a book publisher so she obviously knows how to throw a party, and she took it really serious, that’s why everything turned out amazing,

Meg got ready in a hotel suite, and she had her mom, mother in law, her 7 bridesmaids and off course, her dog Brooklyn (the one blinking and wearing the adorable coral bow tie) to keep her company. The color palette was coral, grey and orange, so each bridesmaid could get her own dress he way she wanted it just as long as it was coral and the shoes were nude.

After Meg was ready we walked to meet Josh, and here are the pictures of their first look!!!! so lovely!

It was finally picture time and we took it seriously…we drove to the desert and found this amazing place with the windmills, after breaking a few laws and traspassing, we managed to shoot some great pictures next to the windmills and in this road right in the middle of the desert with the mountains in the background, one of my favorite wedding picures location EVER!

We drove back to the hotel for the bridal party pictures, and took some more of the couple with the beautiful yellow blossoms!

After the pictures were over, the ceremony started, everything was so beautiful! the flower petals on the floor and the altar made by big balloons of Geronimo Balloons! the ceremony was conducted by Meg’s brother Ian who wrote and read an amazing text about them and their time together (they have been dating since high school) and afterwards they read their vows (cue water works of course) and exchanged rings.

As I said before, the decoration was gorgeous because Meg was literally on top pf everything! coral and orange details and chevron all around the place, even in the potobooth backdrop!! I loved their photobooth props, because instead of using the traditional moustaches or speech bubbles, they got some ginger wigs and glasses so the guests could either Meg or Josh themselves! Loved it! The pictures were great, their friends are sooo much fun!

Dinner was served, speeches made and the bride and groom took to the dance floor and danced their first song as a married couple, and the party started! it was a lot of fun! girls kicking off their hills for dancing, and eventually some people wound up in the pool! The DJ payed his respects to MCA from the Beastie Boys who had just passed away : ( and everybody danced their asses off!

M & J: Amigos, I have no words, I was so grateful to be there, to see all your friends, to shoot your pictures and seeing you so happy. Everything was so perfect and lovely! I hope the pictures are up to the rest of it! hahahahaha, love you both and hope to see you soon. XOXO

  1. Vanessa Restrepo
    12 | 05 | 2012 |

    vale tus fotos son espectaculares…. te admiro demasiado

  2. 12 | 05 | 2012 |

    Gracias Vane!! 😀

  3. cristina
    12 | 05 | 2012 |

    estan fantasticas!!! que divertido!

  4. 13 | 05 | 2012 |

    Vale, I love the photo of Brooklyn, plus every other one. What an incredible job!

  5. 13 | 05 | 2012 |

    Thanks Kata!!! did you notice she’s blinking??? I loooove Brooklyn!

  6. Claudia Helena Vélez Suárez
    13 | 05 | 2012 |

    Te felicito, me encantaron las fotos, están excelentes

  7. 13 | 05 | 2012 |


  8. 13 | 05 | 2012 |

    Gracias Mono, ya viste las tuyas??? están increíbles!

  9. 15 | 05 | 2012 |

    AMAZING. Amazing. Amazing. I love these two as people, but this wedding is unreal. I can’ t say I’m surprised though. Awesome shots! Beautiful day!

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