Mel & Ryan: She said “Yeah man”

19 | 06 | 2015
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Mel is a designer based in NY who wrote to me for her wedding pictures in Negril, one of the most beautiful beaches in Jamaica and the place where she and her fiancé Ryan go for vacation every year.

Those who know my love of traveling can imagine how excited I was when everything was settled with Mel because there is only one thing that I love more than shooting a wedding in a beautiful location, and that is shooting-a-wedding-in-a-beautiful-location-that-I’ve-never-been-to-before-and-always-dreamed-of-visiting. And that is exactly what Jamaica was!
From day 1 (I was with them for 3 days) Mel, Ryan and their families and friends made me feel like I was another guest, everybody was exceedingly nice and fun and I was so happy to be there!

On the big day the weather was acting out and grey clouds were gathering in the sky, but Mel was happy and just shrugged the bad weather away with a positive attitude. We met with Ryan right before the ceremony for the couple pictures around the amazing grounds of The Rockhouse Hotel that has the most beautiful gardens and gorgeous settings.
There were a couple of rain drops during the ceremony and finally at sunset the Jamaican gods blessed us with a bright orange backdrop for the pictures, just like the happy couple had dreamed of.

The party was hot and so was the weather and everybody was dancing until the very end when the bride and groom and their guests gathered around the balcony for the lighting of the wish lanterns that flew high into the night sky filled with lovely wishes for the newlyweds.

It was such an amazing opportunity to visit Jamaica, try it’s fantastic Jamaican Jerk, listen to it’s delicious music but most of all meeting such sweet and fun individuals as the bride and groom and their guests. Thanks so much Mel and Ryan for trusting me with your wedding pics! I had a blast shooting them! XX

  1. Vero
    19 | 06 | 2015 |

    Impecable como siempre! eres increíblemente TESA* te admiro muchísimo! Están hermosassssss

  2. Aleja
    02 | 07 | 2015 |

    Yo también la admiro! Es increíble todas las sensaciones que producen estas fotos! Wow

  3. 03 | 07 | 2015 |

    Vale que bonito todo, que increíble experiencia, felicitaciones.

  4. Juliana
    29 | 09 | 2015 |

    Quería preguntarte algo, mi pareja es muy reservada con el tema de las fotos, (de hecho no le gustan mucho), menos ver imágenes suyas en las redes sociales (es un poco neurotico) Por eso quisiera preguntarte, si la pareja como tal no quiere ver su imagen publicada en portales o webs públicos, se puede establecer contigo de antemano dicha reserva o concertar que fotos publicar?

    Muchas gracias!!

    Hermoso e impecable tu trabajo como siempre!

  5. 30 | 09 | 2015 |

    Hola Juliana
    Si, no hay problema, el contrato tiene una cláusula que dice que me autorizan para publicar las imágenes pero se puede quitar esa cláusula si ustedes lo prefieren, les pediría que me dejen publicar sólo una en mi página de FB en un álbum que tengo que se llama “Novios Felices” en el que pongo una foto de cada pareja que fotografío pero de resto nada más.
    Gracias por visitar mi página!

  6. Juliana
    30 | 09 | 2015 |

    Valeria, mil gracias por tu respuesta!

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